Last few Salamanca days

The last few days the weather was strange – one minute it rained, the next the sun poured down – and there was a lot of homework to get done. I also rather used up the best things to see in Salamanca – or at least those worth reporting on.

So there was a lot of walking around; a lot of homework done sitting in the Plaza Mayor while the world strolled by; another tower climbed; and parks visited.

I went to an ‘intercambio’ or cultural exchange where you can meet and talk to Spaniards and Spaniards get the chance to talk in English. That was a lot of fun.

It was sad saying goodbye to my classmates and teachers. I’ve loved my time in Salamanca and my Spanish has definitely improved – another few weeks would really see a significant jump forwards. But that’s for another time.

Then on Thursday it was back to Madrid and the family and Jennifer. Next stage is on to France.

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