ST 10: The map-maker’s brain-fart

Since we started walking the GR70 the one absolutely consistent feature has been that every time there is a mountain available the trail goes right up and over the top. While that has provided some memorable views it has also made for some brutal ups and downs. Today the trail took the opposite approach and followed rivers between the mountains. We were excited by this strange development and spent some time trying to work out what might have led to it.

Last night we had a farewell drink with the New Zealanders – they head home tomorrow – in Florac’s pretty main square. That was followed by another four-course meal. All this walking makes for a wonderful situation where eating a lot isn’t just OK, it’s really necessary for your health. While the quality of our rooms has been really variable on this walk, the food, and we are having set half-board meals, has been consistently excellent.

We started today late because it was clearly going to be an easier walk. The first half undulated gently beside a river on our left. We stopped for morning tea at a bridge and from there we walked on an old railway track with the river on our right.

The railway track meant the going was pretty much flat – in fact tunnels and bridges ensured it was flat. The river was cascading along beneath us with increasing force and felt like it brought the temperature down a couple of degrees.


The final part of our walk had the added excitement of a snake on the path. I’m not sure the photo conveys that it was a pretty big snake.

In spite of walking slowly and stopping we covered the 16km today in good time and we arrived early in Cassagnas. So we have been whiling away the wait for our room sitting under a vine trellis in the shade. Our legs are thanking us, and we are thanking the map-makers, for the rest provided by the gentle walk today

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  1. Florac was where we ended our cycle ride along the Corniche des Cévennes (see earlier comment) all those years ago. It was relief to get there after the long ride! We loved Florac, and stayed 2 nights to rest. We were there on midsummer’s day, 24 June – fête de St Jean – when there was a festival, with people jumping bonfires!

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