We fulfilled our aim of some lazy days in Nimes. Jennifer had some meetings and did some work. I had a haircut – successfully in French. We ticked off some more Roman ruin bingo. We had several very pleasant meals and happily strolled about. And we got caught in a thunderstorm and soaked.

Then it was on the TGV to Paris.

We are staying in a hotel near the Bastille and set out in the hot afternoon with a grand plan for a huge walk along the Seine. We have never really been in Paris outside of Winter, so walking along in the Sun was a joy. We stopped often to watch the stylish locals zoom past on bikes, scooters, and foot. The banks of the Seine were lined, and later crowded, with people having picnics or just watching the activity on the water.

A drink stop in the Jardins de Tuileries put us in the shade for a while and then more walking got us to the Eiffel Tower and, more importantly, the Invalides area where we had dinner in a small restaurant in a market. I love how Paris has little interesting areas nestled between these monumental buildings.

With the Sun going slowly down, we walked back along the Left Bank past the antique shops. The sides of the Seine kept filling with people and there were musicians at several stops. We stopped again near Notre Dame to sit in a cafe and watch Paris some more.

That was a really beautiful 16km through the heart of Paris. And was probably, certainly, worth the blister Jennifer collected on the way.

4 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Speedy recovery dear blister. 16 k is too much for me , but I am walking with you
    part of the way, . A bientot

  2. Loving these posts and fuelling lots of ideas for a trip in 2024 though realise Olympics fever will be in full swing this time next year!

  3. Thanks for the good wishes on my blister, it’s not terrible, just what happens when you walk 16km not in hiking boots

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