Climbing Cuenca

Some millennia in the past Cuenca was an island on a plain between two rivers. Then over time the rivers eroded their beds until Cuenca’s island stands on tall cliffs with river gorges on all sides. The obvious defensive opportunities mean there have been settlements here for ages and much of the old walled town remains with medieval houses built hanging over the gorges. It is all very pretty.

This morning we walked through the winding, narrow streets down to the river on the East of Cuenca and then followed that river around the cliffs. It was a lovely walk amongst trees with the river rushing along beside us. Our walk then took us up one of the cliff faces, thanks to many steps, and then winding up into the hills above the town for a fabulous view from on high.

Finally we followed the old road down through the castle walls and back into the old town with its stone walls and red roofs. It was a great way to spend the morning, as well as good training.

We had a long lunch in a gastro bar hidden in a charming little plaza away from the crowds. Lunch featured locally made cheeses so we can now definitively say we’ve had local manchego. Our timing was good because it rained this afternoon. Luckily, though it cleared enough this evening for a final stroll around Cuenca’s streets.

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