The last week has been a blast. I would say it’s been like being back in university, but honestly, it’s more like being in the university I dreamt of – one which involved no exams, lots of money, and a pile of social activities. I have stumbled from a series of lunches to a series of boozy dinners with some Spanish classes along the way. I’ve met some wonderful people and had deep and meaningful conversations in Spanish that I think meant what I thought they meant at the time.

Valencia proved to be an excellent choice of places to do Spanish. The city is beautiful and has a lovely vibe. Just walking about is a joy – and it has certainly not hurt that the weather has been glorious. I’m feeling wistful about leaving it and my cute apartment.

My Spanish has improved, or at least returned to where it was a year ago in Salamanca. And I’m determined to do this again for a longer period.

But it’s time to move on, and tomorrow there’s a train to Madrid at the crack of dawn.

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