When it rains… eat

It was freezing cold and pouring rain today – a stark contrast with yesterday. Walking around the town or anything else that involved being outside didn’t seem like a great idea. So we set out on two missions.

Mission one was to get the Compostela. The Compostela is like a passport for the Camino. Evey day you get it stamped and when you arrive in Satiago you use it to prove you have walked and are, therefore, entitled to your fast-track ticket to heaven. We’re not going all the way, and already have a fast-track ticket, so the Compostela is really just for the fun of collecting the stamps along the way. Getting it proved slightly difficult as we went to the wrong church, but after getting directions from a charming priest in his confessional box (no need to confess, I have a fast-track ticket) we went to the right place and are ready to roll.

San Sebastian is world famous for its food. And that was our second mission. To do some serious eating out of the rain. Strangely others seem to have come up with the same idea so everywhere was crowded, but the food was excellent and the atmosphere great. The locals are very proud of the pinxtos which they ague is entirely different to tapas. The core differences I see are that everything comes on bread, and you have to pay for it – further south when you order a drink, it’ll just comes with a bite to eat – that sounds more negative than I mean it, it’s just different. The quality is just fantastic and it is incredibly good value.

We also had to get Jennifer up to speed on the Basque cheesecake front – also mission accomplished.

Finally there has been packing and organising to do; for tomorrow… we walk.

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