Back to Madrid

We had a slow start to the day and wandered about the old town for a while. Oviedo is a pretty place with some impressive buildings and fine street art.

I was a bit distracted by a very frustrating process to get the access codes for our Madrid apartment. This involved far too much interaction with a pretty rubbish app. Normally we stay with the family in Madrid, but Jennifer has a series of overnight meetings that just make that impractical. So we are in an Airbnb apartment about 10 minutes away.

The lion’s share of the day has been taken up with hurtling South and East in a high speed train. Whizzing along at approaching 300kmh just doesn’t get old for me.

And now we are in our Madrid home for the next week. It’s pretty basic but not bad and we had no choice as the Madrid family live in an AirBnB free zone, so we were lucky to find this place.

We’ve already stocked up on coffee, cereal and real milk. The real milk is an issue in Spain with their fixation on bricks of UHT milk – so I’m already looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.

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