Toledo and not jumping in the river

Some clever Greek person said something long the lines of: A person can’t jump in the river twice – it won’t be the same river and you won’t be the same person.

Ten months ago I came to Toledo on my own and ever since have wanted to return with Jennifer. Today was the day to jump in the river again, and it has proved the Greek dude’s point – although it has still been fun.

Toledo’s old town is a lively maze of winding streets, and there are some fabulous buildings. Toledo was the royal residence for a time and it shows in the richness of the architecture. But it’s the cute corners of the backstreets that are really worth looking for.

We visited the old mosque which has a wonderful ceiling.


The main game here though was going to the Parador on the hill opposite the town to watch the Sun go down with a local G&T in hand. While my plans to replicate last year have not been perfect, we did get that part achieved.

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