Via degli Dei 5: Tuscany!

Today really felt like we were in Italy thanks to some very Tuscan countryside.


We started by walking through mist-shrouded mountain paths. It took a while to pick our way over the peaks and we did manage to get lost, or at least misplaced at one point. But eventually the most rose and we stopped for a snack on a flat area that had once housed an inn where the landlord used to make people passing through into a stew – which doesn’t seem like a way to encourage repeat business.

As the mists cleared

The next few hours were all downhill through forest. In the course of today we gave up over 1000m of hard-won elevation. Eventually we hit the flat and turned a corner into a valley floor. The church spire and red roofs of Sant’ Agata were in front of us looking quintessentially Tuscan.

Sant’ Agata

We stopped for lunch in the courtyard of the village’s sole bar which was just lovely in the Sun. And then we meandered on for another 8km along the valley through farmland with poplar trees and red-roofed farmhouses – it was just perfect.

To top off an excellent day our B&B has moved us to an excellent little apartment in town which has its own garden – so a chance to dry washing and a home cooked dinner eaten alfresco.

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