Sad Dada

We continued yesterday’s theme of stuff the Spanish stole by visiting the Museum of the Americas. It did indeed have some very lovely things that were, ahem, generously donated by the colonies. Mostly though it was just very sad to contemplate the thriving, complicated society that the Spaniards found and stamped on. It really just left me sad.

Going up the nearby Faro de Moncloa was somewhat restorative. This lookout tower gives expansive views over Madrid and its surrounds as well as shedding a great deal of light on what we were looking at.

But it took lunch at a Dadaist restaurant – yes that is, it turns out, a thing – to properly restore equanimity. That’s tempura burrata with truffle mayonnaise in the picture on the left and prawns on charcoal tacos on the right. Yum.

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