Doubletree Suites in San Diego

We chose this hotel in San Diego because it had bunkbeds for the kids.

The room was good (although dark) with the bunk beds being lots of fun, and a coffee machine in the room, big TV, etc. The hotel had a single restaurant, with buffet breakfast and fairly standard room servic-eish menu. We got the famous doubletree chocolate chip cookie on checkin, and the boys got a scoop from the Halloween dip by the door, but it was a very plain vanilla hotel experience.

Everything was fine, as you would expect from a four star hotel, but it wasn’t walking distance to anywhere, so you were fairly forced to eat there, if, as for us, you didn’t like driving on freeways. I wouldn’t stay there again, I would rather stay either downtown, or somewhere like La Jolla, on the beach, where you can walk around.

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