Discovering Ruhpolding

What we can see from our apartment in Ruhpolding
What we can see from our apartment in Ruhpolding

Ruhpolding is a lovely village nestled in the Bavarian Alps. We weren’t sure what to expect when we booked it – we chose it solely because it usually has snow at Christmas, and we’d promised the boys a white Christmas.

It turns out Ruhpolding is a farming community in the process of transforming itself to a tourist destination.  It has a range of tourist activities and infrastructure, but all against the background of the wafting smell of cow manure.

We arrived yesterday to be met by our lovely hostess who gave us a lift from the station. She, in common with everyone else we’ve dealt with here, speaks only German. In spite of that, we have managed to communicate fairly well – I even managed to stretch my German to a weak joke. Certainly our German is such a long, long way ahead of our Chinese that we’re feeling positively local.

Our apartment has turned out to be in a charming, traditional house and in far better condition than we expected. This has been one of those rare situations where the website completely under-sells the place. It’s much larger than we expected, especially as it has a third bedroom which will save Bob from the couch when he arrives tomorrow.

Having some additional space is lovely. Being able to go supermarket shopping and get some breakfast cereal and milk feels like a luxury.  Shopping in a foreign country is so much more fun than at home; choosing a bottle of milk can become an adventure. Having a home-cooked meal last night was fantastic.

This morning started disturbingly early, as we’re all still suffering jetlag, but that was okay because it’s my Birthday. We had a very quiet morning sitting about doing nothing, or doing schoolwork. The boys did handwriting, journal entries, blog posts and Mathletics. That took a solid couple of hours and made up for some slippage over the last few days.

View from the cable car above Ruhpolding
View from the cable car above Ruhpolding

After lunch we walked up the road to the cable car and travelled up one of the nearby Mountains. The view was remarkable with peaks on one side and snow-covered plains on the other. We spent a happy couple of hours trying to cause avalanches, digging snow caves and generally sliding about in snow up to our knees or thighs.  Finally we walked home along a meandering track that followed a river through a pine wood.

A pizza dinner in the village and a cake back at ‘home’ topped off a lovely day.

5 thoughts on “Discovering Ruhpolding

  1. Happy Birthday E!!

    Looks like you arrived just in time for lots of snow!

    Continues to be a mild summer here, high 20’s forecast for Christmas Day.


  2. ‘Ruhpolding’ … I thought perhaps you’d dicovered some ages old European winter entertainment or sport (perhaps involving reindeer and poles), but no, just the perfest home away from home to spend Christmas!

  3. Happy Birthday Evan. Your trip sound fantastic so far – enjoying reading with our kids – however we are all overcoming our envy.

  4. Happy Birthday Evan – my birthday is next week, so I commiserate on the December date so close the Christmas.

    We are in NZ for a month of holidays and I’ve just had time to start reading your blog. I started over an hour ago and it’s been fascinating! I will get the map out with Ella so we can chart your travels together.

    Looking forward to the next installment and I hope that you have a fabulous Christmas experience. Certainly a different one from the southern hemisphere,

    cheers karen

  5. Belated Happy Birthday and Christmas- I’ve never regretted a Christmas birthday- not that I got much say in it. Anyway, it’s great to live vicariously through your blog.

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