Munich Christmas market slices

Munich Christmas Market
Munich Christmas Market

Icicles hanging from little shops in the medieval Christmas market. The lambent orange glow of the lights reflected in a little drop of water hanging on the very tip of the icicle.

Kaisersmarren, chocolate, marzipan, mandel, bratwurst mit semmel. Steam rising from a pottery boot of gluwein cupped in cold fingers.

People gathered in groups eating and drinking. Snow falling on someone’s head as the branch it was gathered on moves slightly. Everyone laughing together.

Children running, snowballs flying, people smiling everywhere. Handmade Christmas decorations looking enticing and appropriate, but put to shame by the picture-perfect reality surrounding them.

Christmas trees being sold in front of a five-hundred-year-old church. Snow gathered in their boughs.

Declan running from booth to booth, eyes alight with the possibilities for spending Granny’s Christmas money.

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  1. Sounds fabulous. The description is so evocative I can almost imagine I’m there. And having experienced a few Northern hemisphere Christmases does help.
    You’ve had a great start to this trip, all that planning paying off.

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