Ten ways you know your RTW trip is going well

In moving mode.

When you can’t tell whether the dirt on your boots comes from the mud on the Great Wall, the sands outside the Pyramids or the dust in Petra – and you’re tempted to save it in a plastic bag because it’s probably all three.

When a rainy day in Jerusalem leaves you happy to fritter the day away in your apartment, feeling no compulsion to go and see things.

When your kids use the swimming pool in Aswan to demonstrate the Doppler Effect which they learnt about in Salzburg.

When your older son casually, and incredibly effectively, disposes of a pushy hawker by saying “no thank you” in forceful Arabic.

When your younger son keeps three different exchange rates in his head while bargaining for a Bedouin knife.

When your older son yells out from the back of a donkey on the edge of a precipice that he’s having a great time.

That’s where that sand came from

When no one in the family can, for the life of them, work out what day of the week it is.

When a quick revision reveals the boys actually do remember their schoolwork from a month ago.

When you’ve been on four continents, eight countries, 17 places and 26 types of transport over the course of 59 days.

When you go to sleep at night with a smile on your face and little to worry about beyond how hot the shower will be in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Ten ways you know your RTW trip is going well

  1. 11. They have a revolution in one of the countries on your itinerary a fortnight after you were there, not a fortnight before.

  2. Ah very true. But given Jennifer and I were in Prague for their peaceful revolution, many years ago, it could have been good to add another to our collection. 😉

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