Zombie jokes and wody soaks

Proof of the Copernicus Effect.

We amused ourselves on the bus this afternoon by telling zombie jokes.

What does a wet zombie say? Rains, rains.

What does a zombie farmer say? Grains, grains.

What does a zombie plumber say? Drains, drains.

And on and on. We probably hit a low which will be appreciated only by his grandfather with Callum’s “What does a zombie actor say? Feigns, feigns.

The bus took us all the way to the Park Wodny’s front door. Park Wodny is a big, and thankfully largely indoor, water park about 30 minutes from the centre of Krakow. It has twisty water slides, whirlpools, wet climbing walls, and lots of other things involving water. We had a wonderful time splashing about in a wide variety of ways.

We even had dinner there. I’ve been continuing on my scientific experiment checking the Copernicus Effect of Polish pancakes. I can confirm that no matter what we’ve eaten with Polish pancakes it has been simply yummy, filling and incredibly reasonably priced. Even in a water-park restaurant we had a great meal. I think the Copernicus Effect may have to be upgraded to the Copernicus Law of Pancakes.

2 thoughts on “Zombie jokes and wody soaks

  1. We discover that we do not know enough cultural history.There appear to be at least two branches of the Zombie joke
    Sample: What do Zombie kids do A: Play corpse and robbers. These sag into really sick jokes if they are not watched.
    We sampled the rhyming species and wondered if we dared accept the implied challenges.
    When does Princess Mary enjoy Zombie jokes
    A: When she deeeeeiiiiiigns with Daaaaaaanes. Or maybe
    What did the acapella conductor say when she needed a loud response from her Zombie Chorus
    “Refraaaaaiiiiiiin! REFRAAAAAAAAIIIIIIN!!!!”
    We tend to linger over that head inside the piano; left by a Zombie who was experimenting with playing by ear.

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