Catching up on bits and bobs


–> Jennifer managed to get a haircut in Krakow without any trouble in the end. I did not. Being male and cheap I thought to try the barbers in the train station. I sat myself down on the bench to wait and watched the barber in action. He appeared to have only one functioning arm and held the clippers gripped in his other hand like a pencil. The clippers made an ominous grinding sound as they churned through his victim’s hair. After ten minutes of sitting and contemplating what awaited me I decided my haircut could wait a while longer and retreated defeated.

–> We ended up being so taken with Polish pancakes we even cooked them ourselves. Sad to say, but that’s probably the most complex bit of cooking I’ve undertaken in the last two months.

–>Lest anyone think our children are unnatural, yesterday saw a complete meltdown for the first time on our trip (there have been minor ones before of course). The kids ended the day on an awful note and we had shouting, threats and punishment. Probably as a consequence, they’ve been angelic today.

–> The boys reports on castles can be found here and here.

–> We travelled from Prague to Berlin today.  We had a very strange exchange with our landlord which culminated with him picking us up from the station. The weirdness became clear when he explained in person what he did not want to explain on the phone: he’d double-booked our apartment and we are spending this, our 77th night in our 22nd city, in a tiny flat round the corner – so not flat screen TV.

–> And we’ve stopped doing zombie jokes. We’ve moved on to inventive insult contests.

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