Apocalypse now

Reading Barcelona style.

Some time ago I wrote about our trip to Meggido, the ancient site of Armageddon and titled it “It ain’t the end of the world”. We had to laugh today when that post attracted lots of hits thanks to the media stories about an American preacher predicting the rapture would occur today.

Our own apocalyptic moment has been returning to a big city for the first time after months of living in small towns. We’re feeling like rubes walking around gawping at all the people and shops and commenting on how much everything smells and no one says hello.

Declan even decided this evening that we should go back to Azille and offer to buy the last place we stayed. Some of that, though, could be driven by the fact that we hit a poor one this time and our apartment in Barcelona is less than wonderful.

We haven’t seen a great deal of Barcelona yet. We arrived by train, jumped on the metro which, to our general merriment we immediately recognised as the same system as in Singapore.

Gaudi’s Casa Mila.

After navigating to our apartment, exchanging grunts with the incredibly surly landlord, and doing some quick supermarket shopping,  we walked the few blocks to the Case Mila for our first dose of Gaudi.

Callum was very taken with the Casa Mila as he’s several time professed a preference for places that are “not just the normal geometric blocks” (he loved a shopping centre in Krakow built to resemble soap bubbles). I can’t wait to see his reaction to the Sagrada Familia.

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