Singapore welcome

View from our apartment window
View from our apartment window

We arrived in Singapore to a rock-star welcome. The airport was filled with hundreds of screaming girls completely failing to contain their excitement. Of course we were not what they were waiting for. Their presence did, however, contribute to our initial experience by creating horribly crowded trains in to the city.

We decided to catch the train, largely to set the scene by beginning as we mean to go on. The Singapore train system is, of course, entirely foreign to a Sydney native: a smart card system, fast, frequent trains, cheap fares, and simple, clear mapping made it abundantly clear we were no longer in Oz.

The only real issue was the crowding meant no seat and the boys, after a sleepless night, were tired. This was their first real outing with full backpacks and they started to flag by the time we reached our apartment. I must admit the adults were flagging too – it’s been a while since I lugged a pack around and the last few hundred meters from train station to apartment in the Singapore humidity was a trial.

We welcomed the pool with as much fervor as the girls at the airport had welcomed their rock-stars.

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