Hot, hot heat

The temperature.
Battles by the pool
Battles by the pool

Almost 40 degrees again and just too hot to face doing anything. Even going out for lunch, necessary when we realised all the local shops were closed on Monday, was just exhausting. I remember reading a book when I was studying French literature at university. It was all about a man being driven mad by the relentless heat in the South of France. Yesterday, for the first time, I was beginning to relate.

The pool was an absolute godsend and Bob did a fine job of rising to the uncle role by participating in a mammoth water-fight. I think we managed to lower the temperature of the whole house after we liberally covered one wall with water.

Bob and Ines headed off through the heat-haze at five; as we who remained all huddled in the only patch of shade we could find and waved them goodbye.

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