Caves and computer games

In the caves above Beynac.

How does a fifteen-year old teach French to nine- and eight-year olds? There can only be one answer really.

Our new friend Rory lived in Beynac for eight years and so knows all the hidden secrets. This morning he led us up into the hills below the Castle to a lovely little cave system. We’d brought our torches along and so were able to wriggle in to the back of the caves, or at least a fair way in. We were amused to see someone had faked stone-age drawings on the walls amongst real modern graffiti.

Sarlat street by the market.

In the middle of the day we headed into Sarlat for groceries and a bit of exploration. Sarlat is a very pretty, medium-sized town. It reminded us of Dinan, both in terms of size and looks – and because it is filled to bursting with tourists.

Virtual world.

After lunch Rory came back over. Our neighbour, with whom Rory is staying, is very keen for him to teach the boys French. She had suggested that Rory take the boys around the house and point to things in French. Strangely all three boys were more interested in playing in the pool or playing computer games on the iPads. So we came up with a perfect approach. The three of them played computer games in French.

So the boys may not know the word for ‘kettle’ or ‘window’ in French but they can say “I need magic potion!” or “Kill the monster, it’s got me.”

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