Past sorrow and care to Castle Gloom

The view from the hills over Dollar.

We walked the hills and glens above the town of Dollar today. Through bracken, past thistles, following a clear burn, or stream, ever upwards. Two fast flowing burns named Sorrow and Care, took us up a steep glen to finally emerge on the hills for an amazing view over the surrounding countryside.

Halfway up the walk you pass Castle Campbell which used to be called Castle Gloom. There was little gloomy about today though – the skies were finally blue and the sun shone down. As we passed the Castle there was a wedding underway and the skirl of the pipes provided the perfect backing sound to our walk as it echoed up the glen.

IMG_2340When we returned to Dollar we visited the cute little museum and found mention of my Great-Uncle, after whom I’m named, in the Dollar Academy magazine. Skimming through the WW1-years editions made sobering reading as they listed the fate of their old boys; including the wounding of Great-Uncle Evan.

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  1. My mother in law ,.Edith Sutherland Urquhart Iversen. … Told me about the two streams..If a lass should wash her face there with the dew from the morning fog on 1st of May .she would be not only beautiful .but also forever young!…. she lived to 102.. and was a truly beautiful soul

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