Podcast from Reykjavik

They could be doing schoolwork, but are actually playing a game.

A bit of a day of rest and schoolwork today. The boys completed their podcast on glaciers – which can be listened to at: How Glaciers Work.

Stuff You Should Know and Stuff You Missed in History Class have been constant companions on our long drives and train trip so the boys’ podcast is an homage to these fine podcasts. As well as making a research project on glaciers a bit more exciting.


We’re staying in a flat in downtown Reyjavik. It’s an absolute delight to be back in beds with sheets (instead of hostel sleeping sheets) and have towels (instead of two travel-towels shared between four of us).

One thing we found amusing was the labelling in the freezer. There are three boxes with little pictograms showing how long things can be kept for. The one we found amusing was the little picture of a reindeer. What would Santa think?

Rudolph steaks?

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