Iceland goeth

I: So Evan, welcome to the show.

E: Thanks it’s great to be here, wherever here is.

I: So you’ve enjoyed Iceland?

E: That’d be a big ‘yes’. Iceland was absolutely amazing.

I: And what was your favorite bit?

E: Well I’m surprised to hear a question like that from you. But anyway, the whole country was wonderland, simply stunning. Mud pools, glacier walks, riding horses on black sands, seeing puffins.

I: You drove over 2000 kilometers round the island. How was that?

E: 2673.8km to be precise. Driving in Iceland was a joy. The roads, or mostly just singular ‘road’ as there in only one, is not great. One lane each way, blind hills and single-lane bridges. But there’s hardly any traffic so it doesn’t matter. The Iceland met office publishes daily stats on how many cars have used each section of road since midnight. One section in the North, we were one of 30 cars to use the road that day (although that was the nightmare pass).

I: You walked on a glacier, how would you describe that?

E: ‘crunchy’. Every step you take with crampons on sounds like an army marching over breakfast cereal. There were a couple of scary moments when we were walking on ridiculously high and narrow ice bridges – funny how great they seem in retrospect.

I: And did you see any waterfalls?

E: Many, many. We were amused that we stopped and explored the first one we saw and then after a few days realised it was just an everyday, tiny cascade. There are waterfalls of all sizes and shapes – including the obvious tourist-destination ones which are just amazing.

I: Any not so good bits?

E: Only the cost. Iceland is very expensive in every way. Car hire causes pain, hostels are more expensive than city-centre apartments and food is equally dear. The truly scary thing is that an Icelander we talked to about her travels was saying how the cost of things in Norway had made her cry. When an Icelander thinks something’s expensive…

I: Amusing moments on the way?

E: Well we visited Dettifoss the most powerful waterfall in Europe, more water pouring over it every second than any other waterfall in Europe. And in the WC next to the falls there is a sign asking people to conserve water because there is a shortage. That still makes us laugh.

I: So wrapping-up, Iceland lived up to expectations?

E: Absolutely, exceeded them even.

I:Thanks again for your time.

E: No worries, I’m sitting waiting for a plane, got lots of time.

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