Being back in Sydney feels frighteningly surreal. Everything is the same, but yet subtly different and it’s extremely hard to get a grasp on reality. Everything feels just a bit blurred, hard to get in tight focus.

Seeing family and friends is both wonderful and grounding. But even that can be peculiar as everyone else is deep in their normal lives while we’re still floating about.

A sydney view from our new place
A sydney view from our new place

After several hectic days we have found a place to live for at least the first six months – although we don’t move in until just before Christmas. We imagine we’ll feel differently once we’re in a place where we can settle for a while and we have our own things around us. Certainly for the boys that should help them settle, as will seeing some of their friends – which has proved difficult at the moment because they are still in school and so on.

Jetlag has not helped. And a combination of fragile sleep from all the various things we now have to think about and a night of false fire alarms (see Cal and Dec‘s posts on this) has not helped with jetlag.

Another couple of days and we move again. Down to a holiday house on the South Coast of New South Wales with some friends. That should be wonderful and much more like our ‘normal’ speed.

Coming home was alway going to be strange but we had persevered with the pipe-dream that it would be easier than it has turned out to be so far.

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