Paradise in Paradise Cove, and some maths

After snorkelling.
After snorkelling.

There’s something about lying on a hammock in the shade with a warm sea-breeze gently fanning you while in the background local women giggle and chat in pidgin that is approaching my definition of paradise. Then a coconut drops off a tree and brings you back to reality with a bang.

Really the only thing about this place that isn’t paradise is the fly and its smaller cousin in the ointment. There are quite a few flies, and lots of mosquitos to contend with. We’ve been protecting ourselves with layers on chemicals, screens and burning things but are all a bit mosquito-pocked.

Most of today was spent against a background of the kids doing their homework – in other words on maths. Maths in paradise, it turns out is still maths and not a great inducer of happiness in a 12-year-old. In between we went snorkelling a couple of times and ate things. Tough life.

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