Swimming in the clearest light

Sunny beach.

The day started bright and sunny and remained so through our glacially slow start. Callum and I went for a walk, which was truncated after he took a nasty fall on the rocks, and Jennifer went for a run; while Declan slept and slept.

So we’d all done stuff by the time Declan jumped up and announced it was time for a swim. He was, however, right. The water is amazingly warm; in decades of coming down here, I don’t remember it ever being so warm. The waves were just big enough to be fun for body-surfing. And the Sun was shining down with a wonderful clear light.

Through the afternoon the wind strengthened and the sea became choppy, though that didn’t prevent Declan going for another swim after lunch. By evening the waves were a seething mass and there was someone kite surfing past our deck when we returned from pizza at the local cafe.


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