Christmas at the Castle

The only problem with lunch at a Castle that sits on a rocky outcropping above a lake is climbing up to it.

Looking across the Lake at the Castle.

The day dawning beautiful, cold, and clear. Jennifer and Dec went for a run around the Lake while Cal and I had breakfast – well mostly coffee and tea as we didn’t want to spoil our lunch.

Late morning, we walked around the lake and then through the forest up to the Castle. It’s not a ridiculously long way up but it is a noticeably sharp climb. Totally worth it though as the views from the Castle are stunning.

Christmas lunch in Bled.

We spent some time enjoying the view and looking through the Castle museum which was surprisingly interesting and informative – surprisingly because almost everything else seems to be a means of parting tourists from their money.

Then it was time for lunch. I had booked this ages ago with no real idea what to expect and it turned out to be brilliant. First we had the best table, right by the picture window with amazing views over the Lake. And lunch itself was really tasty and interesting. We had thought it would be all Slovenian stews, sausages, and the like; but instead it was all froths and bubbles and light food – really tasty and modern. All-in-all a fabulous way to spend Christmas day.

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