Seeking Slovenian snow

Sunrise from Vila Bled.

We are sharing our hotel with a group of serious photographers who have been up at all hours aiming to capture the perfect picture. Which makes the sunrise picture to the right sort of funny, because I took it from our bedroom window on my way to breakfast.

Today we separated in search of proper snow. Jennifer and the boys went to Kransjka Gora with a guide. The slopes there are the best available at the moment, when everything is so sunny, and while not perfect they did have proper snow. They had lessons according to their needs and all report they had a great time. It was actually Cal’s first time skiing and he really enjoyed himself. Declan has been campaigning to find somewhere to ski forever, so he inevitably was happy.

Callum skiing.

I headed South West from Bled to Lake Bohinj and the Vogel Cable Car. It was a lovely drive through ravines, alongside a river with completely clear water, and through little farming villages made hazy with wood smoke. Every part of Slovenia seems to be incredibly picturesque; although Bohinj would probably be best in full snow or full Summer, the area is set up for skiing, walking, kayaking, and the like.

I caught the cable Car up the Mountain, to 1535m, and did indeed stand in snow. I also had coffee in snow and admired the view of the lake below.

In the afternoon I retraced my steps and then walked around Lake Bled. The afternoon turned out sparkling clear and actually warm; the lake was flat and the church, castle and surrounding mountains were perfectly reflected on its surface – it was an absolutely spectacular afternoon.

Lake Bled.

Really we can’t recommend Slovenia highly enough. It has just been beautiful, friendly, and with great food. And it would clearly be all those things whether it was in full snow, or in Summer, or as we’ve experienced it. really, just fabulous.

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