Flying to Tasmania

Sunset over tugboat

First time on a plane in almost a year!

Flying in the age of COVID was something we approached with a degree of concern. In that sense it’s like something like flying anytime – your rational head knows the stats are entirely in your favour, but the little irrational worry-wort living in the back of your head can’t help but stick their oar in every now and again and ask ‘what if?’. As it turned out the flight was fine other than the worrying number of people not wearing masks at all.

Cocktails anyone?

Hobart was shiny and bright and the Macq 01 Hotel was a joy with huge rooms and a little story to go with each. Watching the sun set over the working Harbour was great.

The next day we just strolled around downtown Hobart after a scrumptious breakfast at Daci & Daci Bakers. It doesn’t take long to take in the main Hobart sites, but there’s a lovely quiet atmosphere which makes just wondering around feel very peaceful.


We did spend some time in the Museum and Art Gallery but it wasn’t as good as we remembered it apart from a cute exhibition of 80 objects from around the world that they’d pulled out of their collection.

In the afternoon our old friend Naomi picked us up and took us to meet the new man in her life. Then we all went for a bushwalk on Mount Wellington followed by a fabulous meal on the waterfront.

I’m remembering why I like this travelling thing….

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