Last day in Bawley all Kayaks and illness

Declan dunking.

For our final day on the South Coast we went kayaking on Durras Lake: Or at least that was the theory.

We got kitted out and set off and within minutes Declan was complaining of feeling sick. I must admit our first reaction was to blame the ridiculous breakfast he’d had, but as the feeling didn’t fade I turned back with him after another 20 minutes. We then proceeded to have a nice time back at the beach watching people and chatting while Jennifer and Callum explored the lake.

Declan eventually dunked himself in the cool water and that seemed to help immensely. Enough that when Jennifer and Callum returned from up the lake we could all explore down the lake towards the ocean. And enough that when we stopped Declan and Callum could spend a fabulous few minutes splashing and dunking each other.

By the time we got back home though it was obvious Declan was actually ill. Enough so that we were forced to cancel a BBQ with our friends because Declan would and his now permanently attached bucket would have been an unpleasant addition to the feast.

Luckily, and thanks to some drugs, Declan slept through almost all of the drive home and is not safely tucked up in his own bed.

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