Camino Day 21

We started out a bit later today, but it was still dark. The path out of Honturas followed the contour line of a hill and then descended to cut through, literally through, the ruins of a 14th Century monastery. Then there was a tree-lined avenue leading to a lovely town with five churches and a castle.

Path up the hill

There were a series of lovely villages, an actual Roman road, and a vicious hill to climb. One of the tough things about this open countryside is you can clearly see what’s ahead of you. The views from the hilltop were breathtaking (or maybe that was the climb that left us breathless). Then we had a road disappearing into the horizon, a bridge, and a river walk.

I have to admit the last few kilometers were a bit wearing on the feet as we neared 60km in two days. But that was as much as anything because we made stupid time today. The walk was lovely but we struggled to find good stopping points when we needed them. As a result we did 30km in 7 hours including stops. We are now half way through our Camino by days but have still a bit more than half to go by distance.

We have ended the day in the little town of Boadilla del Camino. So far we have failed to raise the energy to explore further than the bar of the albergue in which we are staying.

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