Camino Day 22

After a lovely communal meal in the albergue last night we were reluctant to get up when the alarm went off this morning. It was only 12 degrees as we set out and it has to be said they was a certain degree of grumpiness going on.

Probably the nicest part of today’s walk was the first few kilometers which ran alongside a canal. It made for a nice sense of variety to be walking near water.

We actually added on to today’s distance to avoid walking along a road. Instead we followed a track alongside a river, well alongside a riverbed really – there wasn’t a lot of water happening, just reeds and bushes to show where the water should be.

26 kilometers brought us to Carrion de Los Condes where we are staying in a hotel in a converted monastery. There’s some sort of event going on in the hotel involving very well-dressed people from the music industry – and then there’s us in sweaty t-shirts and backpacks. I love it.

Bridge and hotel

We’ve done almost 90km in three days and we’re beginning to feel it in our legs.

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