Camino day 24

We had a very relaxed afternoon in the bar chatting with a fabulous group of people from several countries who meet up annually to walk somewhere. The afternoon segued into an entertaining dinner and I’m pretty pleased that today was not a big walking day.

We did have to get up early as Jennifer had a meeting, but we didn’t leve the albergue until after 8am. As we had the time we again went off the Camino to avoid the roads, and it was a very pleasant start to the day.

Hobbit houses

We only had to cover 16km today so we stopped several times. In one little village (which was appropriately where Jennifer was having her second breakfast) we came upon a series of what can only be described as hobbit houses. If you live in the middle of a huge flat plain and want to store wine you dig a hole. The locals not only dug holes but piled the fill on top to make turf-covered, well, hobbit houses.


Today’s destination was Sahagun, which turns out to be a bit disappointingly industrial. Reading up on it, it has a long history which mostly involves the major buildings being destroyed and, sometimes, rebuilt before being destroyed again.

Our accommodation is a pretty average albergue – which is fine, but nothing to write home about (so I won’t).

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