Camino Day 43

‘Only’ walking 20km today seemed like luxury and we took it slowly with a nice breakfast and several stops.

The first part of the walk was so similar to the last few days – walking through the forest – that I can’t find a photo of the path that would show anything new apart from some nice fungi.

Probably the one noticeable thing is that a number of little shrines are popping up where people have left offerings or photos and often a little story about what they are asking of god.

The other thing is that there are a vast number of chestnuts sitting on the ground.

We had lunch at a nice enough place and it turned into a long lunch when we were joined by David from the UK who we have bumped into several times now. He’s walking alone as his wife has hurt her ankle and has gone ahead with a plan to join him for just the last 5km into Santiago tomorrow.

We only had a couple,of kilometers left to walk after lunch and they proved to be a little surreal. If your attention wandered you would swear you were walking in Sydney. The path was a dirt access road littered with gum leaves and the smell of eucalyptus filled the air.

We are now only 20.8km from Santiago.

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