Camino Day 42

We started the day in the dark again in an attempt to get offset from the crowds – which seemed largely to work.

Most of the day’s walk was through forest of various sorts. Little robins flitted around us. It was a perfect warm day and the trees’ shade was very welcome. There were a number of lovely bridges to cross, including a fabulous one of stone slabs in a deep forest dell.

One of the peculiar things, to Australian eyes, was the forests included groves of eucalyptus. These turn out to be controversial in Galicia as they are widely farmed for pulp and are blamed for a range of environmental woes. The gums were imported from Australia – so I guess they took our trees and we stole their merino sheep: I think we did better.

At various points we emerged from the forest into uplands of heather and gorse interspaced with little farming towns. It was pretty much a perfect day of walking.

We stopped quite often along the way, partly because of the heat and party because we covered 30km today and need3d breaks. The last couple of kilometers of the walk were uphill and then beside a busy road and were pretty tiring. The thought of a cool shower and the dinner we have booked in the Arzua’s best restaurant kept us plodding along.

P.S. The dinner was brilliant, starting with scallops – for the Camino’s sake.

4 thoughts on “Camino Day 42

    1. Jennifer will have to judge. Have to admit they were the first I’ve ever had, I’m not a shellfish eater as a rule. They were doused in enough garlic butter to make me happy I have to say.

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