Roman Nimes

Nimes is absolutely delightful.

Nimes was a major stop for the Roman Empire between Rome and Spain, so it was a rich city in the heyday of the Empire. Around the year zero they built a huge arena, temples, and an advanced irrigation system – and those things remain today.

Maison Carree

We visited the Maison Carre which is an astoundingly well-preserved temple, and the Arena which is so intact it’s still used today.

In fact the only negative about these wonderful buildings is that the modern features, lighting etc, get in the way – but a 2000-year-old amphitheater in regular use today is a wonder. I am obsessing about how impermanent our own modern constructions are in comparison. Luckily we went for a stroll in the dark last night and got photos with the modern touches hidden in the night.

In the evening we visited the Temple of Diana in Les Jardins de La Fontaine and then sat by a pond watching the French stroll by. To join the French vibe I had a pastis for an aperitif – it is lucky I like liquorice so much.

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