To Nimes

We frittered away this morning in Saint Jean du Gard, passing the time until our bus.

From the museum – a bit of a boar

The best bit was a visit to the local museum; which was not only good for a small museum, but also told us a lot about things we’d seen on the trail. For example the tall isolated houses that were used to dry chestnuts; and in fact, that chestnuts were for a long time the staple industry in the area – which explains why we’d been eating so many of them for the last week.

Saint Jean du Gard

We also wandered around the pleasant streets of Saint Jean du Gard, but that didn’t take long in either direction.

Finally we caught the bus to Nimes. Winding country roads made for an unhappy trip for me, but it was only an hour and half, so bearable.

Now we are ensconced in lovely apartment in the centre of Nimes. The remaining afternoon has been taken up with practical stuff like washing our clothes in a machine (which is more exciting than you might think after two weeks of walking and hand washing), buying the makings for a home-cooked meal this evening, and checking out our immediate neighbourhood.

Our apartment is on one of the old town’s main streets but our entrance is down an alley. Further down the alley is a hidden bar, and beside us on the street is Nimes’ best boulangerie. We are sorted.

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  1. Happy days!! Bright modern app with mod cons a boulangerie and a bar. There’s also a Notre Dame on your doorstep from memory.

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