TMB 3: Italy

Today was breathtakingly beautiful.

Continuing the clock analogy we walked from 2 to 4.

As usual we spent the first part of the day going uphill, zig-zagging up green mountainside with ever-expanding views of the valleys and watching the peaks edge closer. We had a coffee break at a refuge that server real espresso while we sat in the Sunshine.

A foot in each country

The walk took us steeply up to the Col Ferret which is the mountain pass that not only leads from Switzerland to Italy but actually forms the border – so we stood with one foot in each country. The views from the pass over to mountains and glaciers were unbelievable.

That pretty much described the day with amazing views around every corner, wildflowers on lining the paths, and icy rivers to cross. We had a picnic looking down The valley into Italy and then continued on an unbroken descent. From the pass to The Valley floor was over a 1000m of descent.

When we finally reached the valley floor we took a local bus into Courmajeur where our hotel continues the views theme.

View from our room

Today was tiring walking, especially as it jumped between hot sunshine and light rain showers in the afternoon, but incredibly fulfilling. I wish I could upload more photos, but in truth the camera can’t do justice to the depth and grandeur of the views. Somewhat strangely, given the nature of what we are doing, the one thing we didn’t see today was Mont Blanc.

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