Camino Day 27

Towards Leon

Today involved an unlovely 20km into the center of Leon. As a walk it was fine on a clear sunny day, but there was too much time spent near big roads to recommend it. That said, there is always something to see along the walk.

Plaza at the hotel

We are staying in a monastery in the old town, which is lovely. There’s a big shaded plaza in front of the hotel which was a welcome place to sit and relax away from cars.

Leon is the largest place we’ve been for a while, or maybe just the busiest. We visited the cathedral in the afternoon. The cathedral has an am amazing display of stained glass which seems to make up most of the walls. However, the visit was colored by our annoyance at having to pay an extortionate amount just to get it – and no pelegrino discount!

We had dinner in an Italian restaurant on a cute plaza. Just down the road something religious involving men in white hoods was underway, which then evolved into a procession past our tables. No idea what was happening but we appreciated the floor show.

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    1. It’s a slug. There are generally lots of snails on bushes beside the track and a surprisingly large number of slugs on the track itself – at least over the last few days where we have been walking through less dry countryside.

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